Massey Honey Co. Orange Blossom Raw Honey


Massey Honey Co. Orange Blossom Raw Honey out of California-
You’ll love our NEW gourmet snack product line featured at Sunshine Winery! Massey Honey Co cultivates and sources untreated, unheated, all natural, raw honey. The honey is taken directly from the hive, extracted by hand from the comb, and strained into its raw form- retaining its countless nutritional benefits, not to mention its individuality of flavor and texture! Each jar of honey purchased in partnership with Sunshine Winery supports sustainable beekeeping operations and an effort to aid the declining bee population with humane beehive rescues and management.
Our NEW Orange Blossom Raw Honey shouldn’t be confused with our Orange Blossom Honey Wine! Both of these products pair well together in conjunction with goat cheese, brie cheese, salami, dried fruit, and raspberry preserves.
Net weight 11.1 oz single jar (available in one size only through Sunshine Winery)