BRINS Strawberry Lemongrass Spread and Preserve


Strawberry Lemongrass Spread and Preserve from BRINS Jam and Marmalade
You’ll love our NEW gourmet snack product line featured at Sunshine Winery! Our new Strawberry Lemongrass spread and preserve is made from ripe red strawberries­, everyone’s first love, with added citrusy, herbal lemongrass for a light twist on everyone’s childhood favorite. Enjoy the taste of classic, juicy sweet strawberries with light floral tones of lemongrass. Pairs well with your favorite Aged Goat Cheese.
Pairs well with our St Pete Red Sangria, goat cheese, dried apricots, and honey.
Net weight 7.5 oz jar (available in one size only through Sunshine Winery)