Raspberry Reef Slim Can 4 Pack – Available Summer 2022

Make stemware a thing of the past with these ready-to-travel anywhere wines. Experience incredible Florida wine as a super refreshing alternative to beer. Our slim can is easily portable and 100% recyclable. It’s perfect for a beach trip, going out on a boat or heading anywhere other wines dare not travel.

Bright with intense flavor, our Raspberry wine portrays a beautiful hue of delicate pink in the glass. Savor the sweet raspberry overtones as you are guided gently into a clean finish. Raspberry Reef is well structured, allowing it to be enjoyed on its own or as a mixing component in a craft cocktail. Enjoy this refreshing raspberry wine paired with Mascarpone, Ricotta or Brie cheeses and with any of your favorite Charcuterie, almond and savory herbs such as mint or thyme.

**Slim cans available in sets of 4