BRINS Cherry Chai Jam


Cherry Chai Jam from BRINS Jam and Marmalade
You’ll love our NEW gourmet snack product line featured at Sunshine Winery! This jam is made from unique New York sour cherries, and cooked with warming spices of masala chai: cinnamon, cardamom & ginger. The taste is complex; tart with soft notes of ginger, cinnamon & spice. Don’t forget to try this with your favorite food and wine pairings! Spread on toast or bagels, use it within your baking recipes, and enjoy with sharp or mild cheeses on a charcuterie board.
This jam pairs well with our Cherry Red, St Pete Red Sangria, Black Gold varieties, Strawberry Blush, and Blueberry Blue varieties of wine.
Net weight 7.5 oz jar (available in one size only through Sunshine Winery)